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Excerpt from Dhama Sevamrta
April 25, 2008, 6:05 am
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Gita Nagari (Port Royal, PA)

“Just as the first glimpse of offenseless chanting clears up all the fog and doubts in the heart, so the first rays of dawn awaken the different species of the dhama.  The first song of the waking birds heralds the beginning of a new day, a new life, in the service of the Lord.

As the dawn approaches, the birds first awaken and by their song proclaim throughout the land that the day has begun.  As others emerge from their slumber in response to the birdsong, all living entities manifest their particular manner of serving the Lord.  Those who are birds begin their new day by singging.  In time they will manifest their true dharma and will even fly.

There is only one true flight from this material world.  It is not an escape from suffering and conflict, but rather an ascension to beyond this world of pain.  The dawn gives us a clue to the awakening of the soul.

The dawning of reality is marked by the appearance of the eternal song of love, the maha-mantra, who has descended from Goloka-dhama to shine in the sky of the heart of all beings.  As the first dim glimmer of the Name grows nigh, all fog and confusion dissipate from the heart.”

-HH Varsana Swami

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