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Excerpts from Vedic Ecology by Ranchor Prime
November 24, 2007, 5:54 pm
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“All of life, from the universe as a whole down to the individual trees and seeds, every living creature and the very earth beneath our feet, expresses the inspiration of the souls that dwell within it and ultimately of the Great Composer whose creation it is.

If we can understand the divine purpose that animates the world, we will know how we are to live in it and how best to use it. Scientific knowledge has advances in many fields in the last two hundred years, making it possible for us to manipulate nature and produce material benefits our predecessors could not have dreamed of. However, the Vedic scriptures advise that knowledge of matter, namely science, must be cultivated alongside knowledge of spirit if it is to benefit humanity.”- Vedic Ecology by Ranchor Prime

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