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October 13, 2007, 10:35 pm
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Bovines Across the Nation Unite in Call for Access to Organic Pasture, Eradication of Synthetic Hormones and a Better Day for Bovine Sisters

“The Resistance, My Sisters, Begins Now,” Spokescow Proclaims

OPEN PASTURES ACROSS THE NATION (June 04, 2007)—Cows Have the Right to Be Cows. Cows Have the Right to Graze. Cows Have the Right to Clean Air. Cows Have the Right to Dignity and Joy.

These are just a few of the rights cows nationwide are presenting as part of their agreed-upon “Bovine Bill of Rights”—a historic document found at that is the centerpiece of “Cows Unite,” a movement unveiling afoot in which a strong affiliation of cows in pastures coast-to-coast have created to help humans understand the importance of organic dairy, decent treatment for cows and the critical role of family farmers.

Officially launching May 31, will serve as the hub for all Cows Unite materials, gatherings, calls to action and activities. Currently, visitors can download the Bovine Bill of Rights, view two short films capturing the resistance in action and learn how they can become more involved.

In what began in recent years as a small but spreading murmuring among cows living on organic farms who were concerned about their sister bovines—coping with the effects of confinement, antibiotics, synthetic hormones and pesticides—Cows Unite has evolved in to a large-scale initiative to create change. “That change can only come from the support of conscientious milk-drinkers, and that’s why we’ve gone to mass media with our message,” said one spokescow.Cows Unite has already received support from a number of leaders in the sustainable food movement, including Organic Valley, Beyond Pesticides, Bioneers, Farm Aid, and Ecotrust. “We are most pleased with the support that our movement has received, since going public,” said the spokescow. “Our sponsors provide powerful links to the humans needed to make our dream a reality.”

To help the uprising rise higher, humans who get three others to sign up for the movement receive a variety of revolutionary cow paraphernalia, including a Cow Manifesto and a Holstein patterned “support ribbon” magnet demanding support for cows. Those who encourage even more to sign up have an opportunity to win a year’s supply of Organic Valley milk, an all expenses paid family weekend visit to an organic dairy farm, and more. Full details of activities are made available on the website for humans sympathetic to the cause.”Stay tuned for more information,” said the spokescow for Cows Unite, who wished not to have her identity disclosed. “It is time for action. It is time for organization. It is time to finally air our beefs about the way our bovine sisters are treated, about the air we breathe, the grass we eat, and the milk we produce.
“The resistance, my Sisters, begins now.”

The Bovine Bill of RightsPeople, rise up and take back your milk! We are the bovine Sisters of Cows Unite. We’re ordinary cows, except we’ve got a few serious beefs:

  • Cows have the right to be cows.Cows are not machines—we are equals in the interdependent circle of life. All our rights begin with this right.
  • Cows have the right to graze.Turn us loose to graze in pastures free of synthetic pesticides and herbicides. We will take only what we need and we will refresh the soil. You will be happier for it, too. Our milk will be delicious and delightful. Promise.
  • Cows have the right to just say no to drugs.The days of experimentation are over. Stop pushing the synthetic hormones and antibiotics! Organic is the right way for Sisters everywhere.
  • Cows have the right to dignity and joy.When we are free to move about outdoors, it’s our best opportunity for dignity, health and joy—and a chance at joy should be the right of all living things. Even dogs.
  • Cows have the right to decent help.Sure, us cows are the all-stars, but the time has come to say thanks to the little guys – the family farmers. We can’t do this alone. Fair pay for an honest day’s nurturing and care. It’s all we ask. Viva la Family Farm!
  • Cows have the right to clean air.Nothing makes us breath easier than local customers. When you choose milk from pastures close by, you reduce trucking. It’s pretty nifty. Less air pollution, less fuel used, and support for your neighboring Farmers, all from one little milk choice.

Join us.The Sisters of Cows Unite need your human help. We ask that you consider our rights and talk to your family and friends about our basic needs. Join the resistance and follow the steps outlined below.

Choose organic milk from cows whose rights are upheld.
Sign up to receive your first assignment with coupons.
Tell your friends about you, Sister! Dunk in peace.

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