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How to Save the World
October 2, 2007, 5:29 pm
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How to Save the World is a revolutionary film, documenting the rebirth of the bio-dynamic movement in the motherland of India.

The film exposes agricultural globalization as an environmental and human disaster. But Indian marginalized farmers are fighting back by reviving bio-dynamic techniques into their traditional agricultural practices. While saving their poisoned lands, bio- dynamics is becoming a major force in reclaiming peasant agriculture in India from the multinational, agricultural giants who’s only objective is profit with no concern for the welfare of the people, land, or cows.

To see the trailer of this film, click here.
For more information about the Bio-Dynamic Association of India, click here.

“For the dissident audience, the mission of this environmental
documentary is to corrode the mantra of development equals progress, jobs, and a
strong economy. For an apathetic audience, the mission is to open a wedge in the
indifference. For younger audiences, the mission is to educate and recruit a new
generation to activism. For sympathetic audiences, the mission is to inspire and
energize the troops.
The Last Stand by Emily D. Edwards, PhD

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