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Physician’s Commitee for Responsible Medicine
September 7, 2007, 7:35 pm
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Ever wonder why cheeseburgers are so cheap? Or why school cafeterias still serve more meatloaf and hot dogs than fruits and vegetables? The answer may surprise you.

The Farm Bill, America's primary federal foodpolicy, keeps high-fat,
cholesterol-laden pork, beef, cheese, and other unhealthy animal
products cheap and widely available.  The Farm Bill doled out more
than $70 billion in food subsidy payments from 1995 to 2005, and
more than three-quarters of that money went to producers of meat,
sugar, oil, dairy, alcohol, and feed crops used in meat production.  Fruit
and vegetable farmers received less than1 percent of government
subsidies. To make matters worse, the federal government purchases
Farm Bill surplus foods like cheese, milk, pork, and beef for distribution
to food assistance programs--including the National School Lunch Program.     

As you may know, the House of representatives made only minor changes
to the subsidy system when it passed its version of the bill in July. Now
that the Senate Agriculture Committee is expected to begin marking up
its version of the Farm Bill in October, PCRM and other groups are calling
for sweeping changes. PCRM has been calling attention to the problem
with a new television ad about the Farm Bill, which directs people to
 Here's how you can help:   

1.  Watch PCRM's new Farm Bill ad on YouTube.
 2.  Call and e-mail your senators. Urge them to make healthy changes to the Farm Bill.
3.  Promote vegetarianism in your schools and community.
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