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Shambu the Bull in Danger of Slaughter
May 17, 2007, 2:08 am
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Haribol Prabhus,

I have recently been informed about Shambu the Bull, who is part of a faith
community that is being targetted for slaughter from the Welsh and UK
government. This bull has reacted to a TB test. It has also reacted to a
second test. The government has issued a notification of their intention to
slaughter this bull.

The community are practitioners of karma and bhakti yoga and as such they
allow their animals to live out their full lives. The community has moved
the bull into their temple room and are prepared to resist moves to
slaughter the bull.

The implication for the ISKCON herds especially in the UK and perhaps Europe
is that if this cow is slaughtered for potentially carrying TB then if any
ISKCON or other protected herds get TB or other similar diseases then they
will also be liable to be slaughtered.

The community are asking for support which at this time means they are
asking for people to sign their online petition.

Please spare a few minutes to check out the website, see the latest
development and sign their petition.

It is very important that we help this community as far as we can.

Their website is as follows:

ys syamasundara dasa
Farm Manager
Bhaktivedanta Manor
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